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Can data solve

the energy crisis

Using behavioral Science

How much was your energy bill in this month ? If you are not sure, you are not alone. Most respondents have little idea, where they stand. 35% of the respondents are not able to understand their bill.

What if we told you that majority of your neighbors have consumed less energy than you in this month. Our pilot has shown that a social comparison can knock down 1% of your consumption in the subsequent month.

Tapping into behavioral patterns can help communities to achieve their energy efficiency goals more effectively.


to make information intuitive

An average household spends less than 10 minutes with an energy bill in a month. 95% of them have very little idea of their consumption in the previous month. Even though many realize the importance of conservation, most consumers have very little awareness where they stand, or how they can correct themselves.

Most often we associate energy efficiency with renewables however an equivalent impact can also result from adapting our behavior and hence our consumption of energy.

In our pilot we compared compared consumption pattern between similar homes in a neighborhood. We found when we provide this additional information to users over time their consumption reduces compared to those who do not receive additional information. While the effect is minuscule within a family, but an aggregate impact over the entire community is significant.



Stacking together data from observed climate, behavioral models, and building models we are able to simulate multiple cases to allow us to predict the likely consumption pattern in a household at a particular month.

While the backend crunches reams of information we ensure minimal latency to fetch the information.

Find out how we make energy efficiency intuitive


Create lasting impacts in the next six months.


For Utilities

Protect your revenue.

Using algorithms seam through the content and find opportunities to plug revenue leakages. Identify tampered meters and theft. Prioritize the action plan and monitor progress

Profile Consumers.

Get a high resolution insight into the consumer, profiling his usage patterns to forecast future consumption and enabling up-selling of other services.

Demand Response Analytics.

Optimize your demand response programs with a high resolution understanding of your base load complementing the network of smart meters deployed

Find out how we make energy efficiency intuitive


For Residential Consumers

Get empowered to understand and analyze your energy use patterns over time. Evaluate your consumption to that of similar homes in your neighborhood.

Find opportunities to save your energy and get rewarded

Get personalized tips how to save Energy and get rewarded to achieve them


For commercial consumers

Analyze your consumption pattern across single or multiple facilities.

Asses the impact of weather, time on your consumption patterns. Figure out ways to save energy by appliance upgrades and behavior changes. Engage and collaborate with employees seamlessly on a single platform


Data driven and personalized.

What is on the platform



Deploy the solution over multiple formats, whichever makes sense within a target community.

Recommendation Engine


Combining dis-aggregation with user interaction data we are able to personalize the recommendation given to a user at a point of time

Real Time


Our learning algorithms enable real time decision making and evaluation of the program

Cloud Network Support


Our cloud hosted infrastructure integrates with existing platforms and enables utilities to reach out to end consumers in multiple formats

Disaggregate Consumption


Combining time series bill data, user information,  with weather data we are able to predict the consumption pattern by appliances for each user.

Personalize Insights


Using social comparison we delve into the meter data and generate personalized insights and benchmarks for consumers.

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